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Full Production Estimate



The commercial is very similar to the example video below. We want to convey to the audience how amazing, safe, loving Marshall ISD is. 

We want you to get the most out of this commercial. Using voice we can strategically place these commercial social media platforms reaching a longer audience. 



Using cuts from the commercial we will create a captivating looping banner video for your website.  

Social Media

Using cuts from the commercial we will create one, :05 -:10 Sec SM story. 


Image by Vasily Koloda

Mood Board

work we've done with a local school
Some of your work throughout the year

Production Includes

Production Team

Production Includes 

Post Production  

  • Director/Producer

  • Director Of Photography/Drone Op

  • Sound Engineer

  • DIT

  • Grip/Gaffer

  • Boom and lav sound kit (32-bit float audio)

  • 3 Red Cinema Cameras (recording in Red Raw r3d)

  • Cine lens package

  • Lighting Package

  • Directors monitor  

  • Teleprompter 

  • Zoom feed for the client 

  • Drone and Drone Op

  • Gimbal, Dana Dolly, and support package

  • Location

  • Scrip Writhing

  • Data collection, storage, copying, and backup

  • Editing

  • Color correction

  • Color grading

  • Sound mixing

  • Folly sound recording

  • Music mixing and Licensing

  • Sound mastering

  • Motion tracking text

  • Gfx creation and animation

  • Rough draft submissions



Three-week or less turnaround
  • 3 videos digital download.


Price Breakdown

Full Production Cost: $4,500.00
Image by Chris Murray

Get in Touch

Shadai 352.445.4969

Samuel 928.853.4912

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