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Full Production Estimate

Lightbox Collective will produce two 1:00 minute -:30 Seconds commercials for Mix 931 FM

Commercial descriptions

Commercial 1

A group of friends can’t pick a song in the car, someone turns on the radio everyone and starts singing to the top song that comes on. They all arrive at a tailgating party and the music carries on with a large group of people.


Commercial 2

On a quiet day at a park, normal things are happening like people throwing a ball, walking a dog, laying in a hammock, etc… everything is a feeling a bit awkward, and colorless. Then a hip fun “cool” person is walking and jamming out in their own world.


( the shot is bright and vivid with color )
Shot of the phone and them selecting something on the mix 931 FM app. The music takes over and they start dancing and moving and people start looking at them not knowing what to do. Then our “cool” person  “passes the dance” to the person walking the dog and then they start jamming out and dancing too, and so on.. with multiple people until everything is brighter, more color, and the whole park is more alive.



Mood Board

Production Includes

Production Team

Production Includes 

Post Production  

  • Director/Producer

  • Director Of Photography/Drone Op

  • Sound Engineer

  • DIT

  • Grip/Gaffer

  • Boom and lav sound kit (32-bit float audio)

  • 3 Red Cinema Cameras (recording in Red Raw r3d)

  • Cine lens package

  • Lighting Package

  • Directors monitor  

  • Teleprompter 

  • Zoom feed for the client 

  • Drone and Drone Op

  • Gimbal, Dana Dolly, and support package

  • Location

  • Scrip Writhing

  • Data collection, storage, copying, and backup

  • Editing

  • Color correction

  • Color grading

  • Sound mixing

  • Folly sound recording

  • Music mixing and Licensing

  • Sound mastering

  • Motion tracking text

  • Gfx creation and animation

  • Rough draft submissions



Three-week or less turnaround
  • 1 videos digital download.


Price Breakdown

Production Cost : $16,000.00
Commercial 1 Prodcuction Cost $7,500
Commercial 2 Prodcuction Cost $8,500
Full Production Cost with bundle pricing  : $11,000.00
Image by Jakob Owens

Get in Touch

Shadai 352.445.4969

Samuel 928.853.4912

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