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Adventure WORKSHOPS 2022

Presented by Tamala Francis,
Founder & CEO at Francis & Co.

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Image by Erol Ahmed

The main theme of this workshop is adventure storytelling. The host of the workshop is me, Levi! I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned about how to make great video.

Exploring how to do this craft with excellence. Even on a minimal budget, with minimal gear and minimal past experience.

We will be pressing into the big questions that I ask on every project I tackle. We will be expanding our skills and toolkit to further our craft of storytelling with video!

Education You Can Actually Use

My highest priority is to make this trip as valuable as possible for both the aspiring filmmaker, and those who already have an advanced skillset.

What will you get out of this trip? My goal is to help you deepen your video skillset while simultaneously unpacking the big theoretical questions of becoming better at telling good stories. I care deeply about both the technical side of video but more importantly the mindset that helps you approach any kind of filming scenario, and leave with a story that you are actually proud of.

We will be pressing into how to make videos that actually move people. How we can make our dream projects happen and finish work we are proud of. 

A classroom that is guaranteed to deliver an incredible learning experience.



Image by Josh Hild

In this webinar we will cover

Image by Jakob Owens
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It’s going to be a balance of epic adventure, and also great times of pressing in on what it takes to become better at the craft of filmmaking. We will be sailing with Cap’n John, a stand up man who I first met sailing with friends and have been pulling off these filmmaker trips with ever since!

We’ve had amazing weather for most days of these trips in the past. However we are sailing on the coast of Canada, which means the potential for some colder temperatures and coastal rain. We have no control over the elements and the sailing conditions, but we are going to have a blast either way

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